Installation tips for glow plugs

Before installing a new glow plug, first clean the threads. Then screw in the glow plug by hand until the sealing face is in contact with the cylinder head. Now it can be tightened to the correct torque. Caution: Tightening to an incorrect torque can damage the glow plug!

Special care is necessary when installing ceramic glow plugs, since improper handling can result in damage to the ceramic layer.

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Removing carbon deposits with a reamer: Diesel engines have a tendency towards carbon build-up. If glow plugs are replaced in this case, the glow plug bore should be cleaned with a special tool.

The correct torque: If the incorrect torque is applied to a glow plug, a compression loss can result. The correct torques for all glow plugs are shown here.

Brief instructions for installation and removal: Glow plugs must be replaced with care, using the correct tool and technical expertise. Here are the appropriate tips for this.

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