Design of a ceramic glow plug

The combination of the heating coil and ceramic sheath enable higher temperatures and extremely short preheat times.
Ceramic glow plugs are encased in silicon nitrite, an extremely rugged ceramic material

NHTC Ceramic Glow Plugs feature a fully ceramic heater. Their tip consists of ceramic, while the shaft and the thread are made of metal. A fully ceramic heating element means that the heater element itself consists of ceramic. In the course of production, ceramic powder is mixed with metal components. This results in a ceramic material which, in contrast to insulating ceramics, is electrically conductive. Ceramic glow plugs can reach extremely high temperatures of up to 1,350 °C. Their nominal operating voltage is 7 V. They require a glow-time control unit. The temperature is controlled using a pulse width modulation signal.


The NHTC (New High Temperature Ceramic) glow plug has a heating element and a heater made of ceramic.

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