V-Line: The most successful spark plug assortment of all time

V-Line spark plugs guarantee the highest ignition reliability and reduce fuel consumption as well as harmful emissions.
The most successful spark plug assortment of all time

V-Line is market-driven and extremely practical - a unique recipe for success. Since its introduction in 1991, NGK has sold more than 300 million spark plugs from this assortment.

The optimal spark plugs with broad market coverage

V-Line is regularly adapted to the vehicle population. Today it comprises 54 spark plug types and offers an optimal spark plug for roughly 7.000 vehicle applications - which corresponds to market coverage of around 90 %. Thanks to the short numbering system, the right spark plug for an automobile can be found and reordered quickly.

Technology which speaks for itself

Three-fourths of the assortment comes from original equipment. In addition to standard spark plugs, V-Line also comprises platinum spark plugs and double platinum spark plugs. Twenty-six V-Line models have the patented V-groove in the middle electrode, which demonstrably optimises combustion.

In this way, V-Line spark plugs not only guarantee the workshop the greatest work efficiency, they also make an environmental contribution thanks to high ignition reliability and engine efficiency.

The assortment at a glance:

  • Market coverage of more than 90 %
  • Time-tested short numbering system guarantees quick location of the appropriate model and easy re-ordering
  • Many precious metal types and models with patented V-groove
  • Highest ignition reliability, environmentally-friendly combustion

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