NGK spark plugs - so that the spark flies

NGK has the optimal spark plug for nearly every engine.

The complete spark plug programme of NGK comprises a broad spectrum of different spark plug types:
from the standard spark plug to the precious metal spark plug to the double precious metal spark plug. NGK offers the optimal solution for nearly any engine.

V-Line and LGP LaserLine - perfectly equipped for repair service

In order to enable the highest level of work efficiency for retailers and the workshop, NGK has developed the V-Line and LPG LaserLine assortments for automotive service.

Iridium IX - the alternative for even more power

These high-performance spark plugs with precious metal iridium middle electrode are used by manufacturers as original equipment. They were specially developed for the newest engine technologies, but they are also an alternative to the standard type for older models in order to completely utilise power reserves.

Special characteristics:

  • The electrode material iridium is almost completely resistant to spark erosion.
  • Iridium enables an especially narrow middle electrode, with a diameter of only 0.6 mm.
  • With the small middle electrode, more ignitable mixture reaches the ignition sparks. That leads to a reliable ignition and better spreading of the flame front.

Original equipment quality guarantee

A number of NGK spark plugs come directly from the original equipment. Around two thirds of all applications which were incorporated into the NGK passenger vehicle catalogue since 2000 are used by vehicle manufacturers in serial production. For automotive service, NGK makes spare parts available in identical quality shortly after the start of serial production.

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V-Line: The most successful spark plug assortment of all time.

LPG LaserLine: With LPG LaserLine NGK offers a special assortment of spark plugs for gas-powered engines.

Quality and awards: Numerous distinctions for the quality and service of NGK from automobile manufacturers and trade partners.

Precious metal spark plugs: Precious metal spark plugs exhibit very specific characteristics when it comes to service life and performance.

Spark plugs with the V-groove in the middle electrode: Spark plugs with the V-groove in the middle electrode ignite closer to the ignitable mixture.

Spark plugs for LPG/CNG: LPG Laser Line spark plugs are dual precious metal spark plugs specifically developed for gas-fuelled engines.

Original equipment: All European automobile manufacturers already use NGK and NTK products in the scope of their vehicle production.


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