MAP | MAF sensors // The smartest intake of air

The new sensor assortment under the brand NTK Vehicle Electronics. 

The line-up is the first in the market to combine both Mass Air Flow sensors, Manifold Absolute Pressure sensors and Boost pressure sensors within just one range. 

With 350 part numbers, the new array offers the highest coverage in the market.

  • 91 manifold pressure sensors
  • 58 boost pressure sensors
  • 11 manifold/boost pressure sensors

  • 165 sensor types with housing
  • 20 plug-in sensor types with air intake
  • 5 IAM plug-in sensor types that cover 77 housing types. Represent 22% of market demand. Offer better stock rotation.


Smart package:

  • Eye-catching design for easy identification
  • Label across two faces for flexible stock 
  • management and easy scanning

Technical support for your customers:

  • Technical videos
  • Technical trainings
  • Listed in major European electronic catalogues (TecDoc, MAM etc.)
  • New sensor catalogue including MAF and MAP sensor range
Learn more about MAP MAF in our videos:



For more in depth technical videos visit the NGK Youtube channel.

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