Ignition cables: best model coverage in the market

Ignition cables from NGK distinguish themselves through high quality, long service life and especially affordability.
The best ignition cable model coverage in the market

NGK offers dealers and workshops a complete assortment of around 600 individual cables and approximately 700 ignition cable sets. In doing so, NGK has an appropriate set for 96 % of all vehicles in its programme. Higher model coverage cannot be expected from any other available assortment.

The following are available:

  • Ignition cables with a copper core
  • Ignition cables with carbon resistor
  • Ignition cables with inductive resistor

All ignition cables are manufactured in accordance with ISO 3808 and ISO 6856 and have outside insulation of the highest thermal resistance class (ISO F).

Since every ignition cable is precisely attuned to the OE specifications of automobile manufacturers for interference resistance, socket geometry and cable length, problem-free installation and outstanding function are always guaranteed.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Model coverage for 96 % of all vehicles
  • identical with original equipment design
  • completely assembled  - for immediate installation
  • resistant to petrol and oil
  • extremely temperature resistant
  • designed for high ignition voltages

Related topics

Ignition cables with a copper core: The copper core of a copper ignition cable with interference suppression is encased in a silicon shell.

Ignition cables with carbon resistor: The fibreglass fabric of carbon resistor ignition cables increases the cable's tensile strength.

Ignition cables with inductive resistor: Ignition cables with inductive resistors are surrounded by two silicone layers and fibreglass fabric.


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