D-Power: Current diesel technology in one assortment

D-Power glow plugs from NGK, the leading manufacturer of glow plugs

The D-Power glow plug assortment comprises 66 glow plugs and always offers the ideal solution for nearly every vehicle application. In the process, around 90 % of the European diesel vehicle population is covered.

D-Power glow plugs ensure a fast and environmentally-friendly cold start even at the lowest outside temperatures. This is also because they provide the know-how of a leading glow plug supplier: In addition to standard metal rod glow plugs and ceramic glow plugs, the assortment includes the NHTC glow plug with fully ceramic heating element, which is used by VW, Mercedes and Mitsubishi in series production. Glow plugs with Advanced Quick Glow System (AQGS) are also a part of the D-Power range. This technology is used in series production by manufacturers such as Fiat.

The time-tested short numbering system of NGK ensures that an optimal glow plug for every vehicle can be found quickly and re-ordered as needed.

The assortment at a glance:

  • Market coverage of around 90 %
  • For nearly all vehicle models in TecDoc
  • Quick location of the right glow plug thanks to the NGK short numbering system
  • Easy stockkeeping and updating
  • Ceramic and metal rod glow plugs in one assortment
  • Many original equipment glow plugs

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