Pin Grid Array (PGA)

Pin Grid Arrays (PGA) KIK71B

PGAs have been developed to meet the ever-increasing demands of multi-functional semiconductor devices. PC board surface can be minimized by using PGAs with large Pin count, in excess of 200 pins.

One of the most popular packages for MPU and high performance ASIC designs. Micropin (SMT), interstitial, and standard thru-hole matrix styles are available. Heat sink or heat spreader options are possible for high power dissipation devices.

Pin Grid Array (PGA) Features:
High-density package style for ASIC and MPU devices
Many industry-standard body sizes and foot prints
Mature and highly reliable package technology
Effective thermal management solution

General Design Guide

Cavity-up or cavity-down designs

Standard pin pitch options:

0.100” (2.54mm) standard in-line
0.100” (2.54mm) staggered interstitial
0.050” (1.27mm) in-line (SMT micro pin)

Lid seal options:

Bare ceramic for frit (glass), or epoxy seal
Standard solder seal
Kovar ring (seam weld)

Thermal Management Options:

Thermal vias
Copper Tungsten (CuW) heat sink (flat spreader or pedestal slug types)
Embedded capacitors with NTK High Epsilon 2-mil tape technology
Single or multi-chip design capability