Flip chip package

Flip chip package

Flip chip packages, connecting fine pads of IC chips and packages face-to-face, are high density multi-terminal packages with superior electrical characteristics.

Flexible design rules for high speed and high-density requirements. Ceramic ball grid array (CBGA), ceramic land grid array (CLGA), and ceramic pin grid (CPGA) types are available. NTK’s high volume manufacturing and excellent quality make this type very cost effective.

Alumina Flip Chip Packages Features:
NTK High Volume Manufacturing
Cost Effective Ceramic Materials
Flexible Design Rules
High Density Routing
Design Options:
Plating options for either Ceramic Land Grid Array (CLGA) or Ceramic Ball Grid Array (CBGA) are available
Standard land pitch options: 1.27 or 1.00mm
Optional cover pad (> 230 micron pitch designs)
Integral capacitors can be added using NTK thin-tape technology
Compatible with NTK Solder Column Interposer (SCI) Technology, for improved board attachment reliability and simplified assembly


  • Improves CBGA to PCB reliability versus CBGA alone
  • Simple attachment to the package using standard eutectic solder reflow
  • Available in either 1.27 or 1.00mm pitch
  • High lead columns offer a robust interconnect solution
  • Lower cost than socket alternatives