Flat Package

Flat Packages

The compact and thin package consists of a chip carrier with over 200 leads at a pitch of under 0.5mm.

Mature and reliable technology for medium to low-density devices. Quad and dual in-line standard lead configurations. Available in either: fine (  ≤   0.635mm), or gross (  ≤  1.27mm) lead pitch. Ceramic non-conductive tie bar option reduces handling difficulty with higher lead count packages.

Quad or dual in-line lead configurations
Fine (0.025”) or gross (0.050”) lead pitch formats
Available with ceramic non-conductive tie bar for easier handling during test
Wide variety of JEDEC standard case outlines
Flat or J-bend lead forms
Suitable for high reliability or space level SMT applications

General Design Guide

  • Flat lead frame and braze pad design
  • J bend lead frame design
  • Seal options

    • Bare ceramic – for epoxy or glass frit seal
    • Metallized pattern for solders
    • Kovar ring for seam weld or seam seal

  • Thermal management solutions
  • Copper tungsten (CuW) heat spreader or heat slug
  • Thermal vias