Ceramic Leadless Chip Carriers (CLCC)

Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier (CLCC) ANCS03

Ceramic leadless chip carriers do not have metallic external leads. The main features of the CLCCs are their compact size, their light weight, and their ability to adapt to multiple functions.

CLCC with SMD outline are now the most popular package style for crystal oscillator and SAW filters for cellular phones and other hand held wireless systems. Conventional, JEDEC and other standard types are also available. Small outline surface mount packaging can be effectively used for crystal resonators, crystal oscillators, crystal filters, RF filters, IF filters, other mobile applications and MEMS.

Leadless Chip Carriers (SMD) Features:
Ultra-miniature sizes for mobile and wireless devices
Standard JEDEC body sizes for conventional applications
High reliability ceramic materials
Low loss for excellent electrical performance at RF frequency
NTK volume manufacturing capacity
Wide selection of industry standard case outlines
Suitable for SAW filter, Crystal Resonator, Crystal Oscillator, VCO, TCXO, CMOS Image Sensors or MEMS

Design Overview

Package Seal options:

Seam weld (kovar ring)

Wire bond or flip chip connection

SLAM (single layer) or cavity-style structures

Thermal via or heat spreader designs for device temperature stabilization

Single piece or panel array (depending on part size)

Leadless (castellation type) or leaded (J-bend) types are available

Tape and reel or tray packingty