NTK Lambda sensor technologies

There are three different types of lambda sensors: zirconium dioxide, titanium dioxide and broadband lambda sensors. Each of these technologies has special characteristics and thus different applications.

There are three different types of lambda sensors. The zirconium dioxide and the titanium dioxide lambda sensors are also called voltage jump, jump or "binary" lambda sensors, because the sensor signal here varies back and forth between two values.

The third group is the so-called broadband lambda sensors. They are also called "linear" lambda sensors, because they measure and can represent a flowing transition between various mixture statuses.

Related topics

Zirconium dioxide lambda sensor: This lambda sensor is comprised of a zirconium-dioxide-based solid electrolyte.

Titanium dioxide lambda sensor: Titanium dioxide has a special characteristic: The electrical resistance changes proportionally to the oxygen content in the exhaust air.

Broadband lambda sensor: In order to also be able to operate the engine regulated to "lean" and "rich", so-called broadband sensors have been developed.

Special sensors: Lambda sensors for racing, motorcycles and direct petrol injectors.

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