Block ignition coils

Block ignition coils from NGK with double spark technology and single spark technology with multiple high-voltage outputs
Block ignition coil from NGK

A block ignition coil contains multiple ignition coils which supply the spark plugs with the necessary high-voltage pulse through their respective individual high-voltage outputs and over an ignition cable.

Block ignition coils are offered with single and double spark technology. With single spark technology, one coil supplies one cylinder. With double (or „wasted“) spark technology, one coil supplies two cylinders. With double spark technology, two cylinders are always actuated simultaneously. In the cylinder currently in the combustion cycle there is an ignition of the air-fuel mixture. An ignition spark is also generated in the second cylinder, but it has no effect, because there is no ignitable mixture there.

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Ignition cables: In order for the ignition spark to jump over, the high voltage generated in the ignition coil must first "flow" through the ignition cables to the spark plug.