Ignition coil technologies

-	NGK offers various ignition coil systems for different vehicles, from the cylinder ignition coil to distributor ignition coils, block ignition coils and pencil coils to the ignition coil system.

The continuous development of ignition technology has advanced in recent years - and with it, the ignition technologies used by automobile manufacturers.

Five different types of ignition coils

For this reason, NGK offers several different ignition coil technologies:

In the process: Each of these technologies precisely matches the specifications of the automobile manufacturer down to the last detail and, in interaction with the other components of the ignition system - ignition cable, spark plug and, if applicable, a mechanical distributor - guarantees an optimal, reliable ignition.

Highest quality guaranteed

The well-known high quality standards of NGK are also applied to its ignition coils: Each ignition coil is produced in strict compliance with OE specifications. The positioning and contacting of the components, as well as the design of soldering points and connections takes place on the basis of the stringent quality standard TS16949. The vacuum moulding process is used to ensure a blister-free encapsulation.

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