Ceramic High-Temperature Glow Plugs

Von NGK produzierte keramische Hochtemperatur-Glühkerzen (auch "NHTC-Glühkerze", "New High Temperature Ceramic" genannt) erreichen innerhalb von 2 Sekunden ihre Betriebstemperatur und glühen bis zu 10 Minuten lang nach.
Keramische Hochtemperatur-Glühkerzen von NGK

The new ceramic high-temperature glow plug ("NHTC glow plug", "New High Temperature Ceramic") has a fully ceramic heating element.

The NHTC ceramic glow plug was specially developed by NGK to enable automobile manufacturers to comply with ever stricter emissions standards. One of the goals of these standards is to reduce the compression ratio in diesel engines. NHTC glow plugs reach a temperature of 1,000 °C in less than two seconds and can after-glow  for more than ten minutes at temperatures of up to 1,350 °C. Optimal combustion is assured even with low compression ratios. In addition, the NHTC glow plug can glow intermediately to prevent cooling of the particle filter in deceleration phases.