Ceramic and cermet cutting tools by NTK

Cutting tools

Our policy of manufacturing products is to create something strong, easy to use and highly functional. We have produced various supplementary parts such as indexable inserts and toolholders to make the machining prcess that enable high efficiency and high speeds. Our ceramic series inserts include a silicon nitride type for efficient machining of cast iron, a titanium carbide type for machining ductile cast iron and a cubic boron nitride ceramic type for the machining of heat resistant alloys. In addition we produce conventional highly pure alumina and Al2O3-Tic inserts.

The materials

Alumina ceramic is sintered from high pure alumina oxide which is cold pressed, hot pressed or hot isostatic pressed (H.I.P.). Silicon nitride ceramic consists of silicon nitride and special nitride. TiC ceramic contains mostly titanium carbide. Cermet is composed mainly of TiC + TiN cermet and titanium nitride. Tough TiN cermet made from special alloy is also available. There are multicoated carbide inserts with alumina nitride and alumina.


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