Recognised and distinguished

Numerous distinctions for the quality and service of NGK from automobile manufacturers and trade partners.

The products and the service quality of NGK regularly win important distinctions - both for original equipment and in the aftermarket.

Distinctions from original equipment

  • Award for Outstanding Quality (Audi)
  • Value to the Customer Award (VW)
  • Corporate Supplier Award/The leading Edge (VW)
  • Fiat Auto Qualitas Award
  • Fiat Auto Gold Qualitas Award
  • Supplier of the Year (GM)
  • Original Parts Supplier of the Year (VW)
  • Consecutive Achievement of Excellent Product Quality Award (Mazda)
  • Global Quality Award (Nissan)

Customer reviews in the aftermarket

  • Best Preferred Supplier (Temot International Autoparts)
  • Supplier of the Year (Temot International)
  • High Performance Club Lieferant (Stahlgruber)

Independent distinctions in the aftermarket

  • International Grand Prix Award for Automotive Innovation (for the LPG LaserLine assortment as the Best Aftermarket Product 2009)
  • Certified Data Supplier of TecDoc Informations System GmbH

Related topics

Original equipment: All European automobile manufacturers already use NGK and NTK products in the scope of their vehicle production.

Logistics: Smooth and efficiently organised logistics with low error rates is one of the most important success factors for NGK.

Sales: NGK products are only available from qualified specialty dealers.