The pulse of the development: The original equipment of NGK

Hardly any car enters the market today without NGK spark plugs or glow plugs, or with NTK lambda sensors and exhaust gas temperature sensors. All European automobile manufacturers already use these products in the scope of their vehicle production.

The basis of this successful collaboration is a relationship of trust established over many years between NGK and its original equipment customers. In this manner, a history of continuously new and innovative developments and outstanding service characterises the time between the first European original equipment successes in the 1980s and today's market position.

NGK has been distinguished several times over with various industry awards from automobile manufacturers for the development work and quality of its products.

International original equipment teams in the European subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy and England

Original equipment teams support automobile manufacturers

International original equipment teams in the European subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy and England guarantee automobile manufacturers comprehensive technical, commercial and logistical support on site.

The specialised teams for spark plugs, glow plugs and sensor technology work closely together with the vehicle manufacturers over the entire engine life cycle - starting with the development phase of new engines, continuing through to the start of production (SOP) and the supervision of vehicle series production to the supply of spare parts.

At the same time, they represent the interface between the customers and the product development, situated in Japan. In the process, special attention is given to the early recognition of market requirements as well as continuously meeting customer requirements for current and future products. Together with the engineers of the automobile manufacturers, the specialists of NGK develop prototypes for new products and test them at the testing centre in Ratingen.

Original equipment customers in Europe

Original equipment customers in Europe.

Development work as a basis of the NGK original equipment quality

The foundation for the NGK research and development work is the technical centre in Ratingen, near Düsseldorf, which was first opened in 1990. It is equipped with the latest testing systems which are optimally adapted to all requirements of the automobile industry. Included are three high-tech engine testing stands for endurance runs and application tests, a climate chamber, in which vehicles can be tested under extreme conditions from -30 °C to +50 °C (e.g. for testing the cold-start behaviour) as well as comprehensive systems for performing complete exhaust analyses.

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Awards: The products and the service quality of NGK regularly win important distinctions - both for original equipment and in the aftermarket

Influential factors in the product development: All European automobile manufacturers already use NGK and NTK products in the scope of their vehicle production.

Development process: On average, the development of a new spark plug/glow plug or sensor type takes approximately three years from the project start until the beginning of serial production.