Italy: a quarter century on site

NGK Italy - on site since 1986.

For nearly a quarter century NGK has been represented by its subsidiary in Italy - the NGK office in the Northern Italian city of Buccinasco (Milan Province) was founded in 1986.

The high density of vehicles is one of the reasons Italy represents a key market. In addition, the automobile sector in Italy is increasingly developing into a small car market, where there is a great demand for motors which can also be operated with liquid gas.

The subsidiary is a supplier of several original equipment manufacturers as well as the country's independent parts dealers.


NGK Spark Plug Europe GmbH
Via delle Azalee 15
20090 Buccinasco (MI)
Phone:  0039 (0)2 488 869 1
Fax: 0039 (0)2 4884 2717

Interesting facts:

Italy covers a surface area of 301,338 km2, the majority of which is found on the boot-shaped peninsula. The population of Italy is over 60 million.

The total length of the Italian road network is over 175,000 km, of which over 6,600 km are motorways. They are, for the most part, privatised toll roads. In terms of car density, Italy is even ahead of Germany (2008): In Italy there are 597 licensed vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants.