Logistical know-how

Logistics is amongst the success factors of NGK. The very low error rate in deliveries is a testament to the reliability and expertise of NGK.
Ratingen central warehouse

In addition to the diversity and quality of products, logistics is amongst the key success factors of NGK Spark Plug Europe.

Since the 1980s the retail market and automobile manufacturers have increasingly shifted their stock "to the road". Therefore, for suppliers like NGK is was important to ensure conditions for faster and error-free supply.

In 2000 NGK opened the aftermarket warehouse in Ratingen: More than 17 million spark plugs are stocked there along with the complete range of all other product groups on a surface area around 6,000 square metres. An additional warehouse was added in 2001: It only supplies European automobile manufacturers and stocks over 11 million spark plugs, glow plugs and lambda sensors on approximately 4800 pallets.

Thanks to electronic order systems like EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and a modern, barcode-controlled stock management system, all order processes are interlinked and the error rate is constantly kept at an extremely low level. All of this is achieved with more than 800,000 invoice line items per year, most of which are processed on the day of the order.

Error rates at an extremely low level

NGK supplies the automotive parts manufacturers and aftermarket with an extremely low error rate. In the original equipment it leans towards "0"; in the aftermarket it is in the low per mille range.

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Original equipment: All European automobile manufacturers already use NGK and NTK products in the scope of their vehicle production.

Awards: The products and the service quality of NGK regularly win important distinctions - both for original equipment and in the aftermarket.