Environmentally-friendly fuels in endurance

Ecofuel World Tour: Around the world with gas-power and LPG Laserline spark plugs from NGK.

Liquid and natural gas: Together with spark plugs from NGK for an improved carbon dioxide balance sheet

New fuels with improved carbon dioxide balance sheets are an important tool in the battle against climate change. Currently, interest is focussed primarily on liquid gas and natural gas. Therefore, NGK developed special spark plugs for gas-powered engines and supports campaigns which bring more attention to the topic.

EcoFuel Tour: 70,000 km environmentally-friendly tour around the world

That is the EcoFuel tour of German driver Rainer Zietlov. Between October 2009 and April 2010, Zietlow travelled around 70,000 kilometres in a natural gas-powered VW Caddy Maxi EcoFuel. He crossed the European continent from the Portugese Atlantic coast to Moscow across to Seoul and Tokyo and drove from the southern tip of the Americas to the extreme north of Alaska.

The 600 kilometer range of the standard gas tanks was usually sufficient - only in Siberia was the gas fuelling stop density insufficient and Zietlow had to rely on the additional tank installed in the vehicle.

In Brazil the team stopped at the local VW plant in order to check the engine and spark plugs. The NGK spark plugs showed hardly any signs of wear even after 40,000 kilometres in gas-powered operation. And that was despite the fact that natural gas operation places significantly harder demands on spark plugs than the combustion of normal petrol.

Did you know?

The combustion of gas is much different from the combustion of petrol: the gas/air mixture is more difficult to ignite. In order to meet these increased demands, NGK developed and assembled the unique assortment of LPG Laserline spark plugs. For the retail market and the workshop that means: equipment and service become noticeably easier and safer.

Further information

LPG LaserLine - the assortment: With LPG LaserLine NGK offers a special assortment of spark plugs for gas-powered engines.

Spark plugs for LPG/CNG: LPG Laser Line spark plugs are dual noble metal spark plugs which were specifically developed for gas-fuelled engines.



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